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Cloud Security Architecture

Our professional services are designed to fortify your organization's cloud data security and ensure compliance with industry regulations. We offer a comprehensive security suite, including robust encryption layers, vigilant monitoring of malicious activities, and cutting-edge threat intelligence. Our team of experts brings a deep understanding of cloud environments and mastery of best practices for cloud security. Equipped with advanced tools and techniques, we are dedicated to shielding your organization from cyber threats and delivering top-level cloud security solutions.

Our approach, aligning with IAM and ISO 27002 standards, utilizes the Cloud Computing Compliance Criteria Catalog (C5) and Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) expertise. We focus on advanced encryption, key management, and continuous monitoring, ensuring robust protection and confidentiality of your cloud-based assets.

Secologist Professional Security Services - Cloud Security Architecture - Cloud Computing Compliance Controls Catalog (C5)
Cloud Computing Compliance Controls Catalog (C5)

The Cloud Computing Compliance Controls Catalog (C5) is an advanced framework for cloud security and compliance guidance, consolidating global standards into one centralized platform. Acting as part of an organization’s overall cybersecurity strategy, C5 offers businesses the ability to proactively regulate their potential exposure to cyber threats or data loss without additional staffing resources. By implementing this unified approach with expert support from our team, organizations can ensure that they are properly securing critical assets while meeting industry-wide best practices every step of the way.

Secologist Professional Security Services - Cloud Security Architecture - Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE)
 Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE)

The Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) offers a strategic framework for comprehensive cloud management and governance. Designed to equip organizations with the technical tools necessary for scaling software-as-a-service solutions, CCoE facilitates control over crucial aspects like risk assessment and data privacy. It also aids in optimizing cost efficiency when dealing with multiple cloud providers. Our team of experts provides tailored support, crafting personalized action plans that align with specific industry needs, ensuring businesses achieve their cloud objectives without compromising on security or compliance standards.

Secologist Professional Security Services - Cloud Security Architecture - Cloud Computing Compliance Controls Catalog (C5)
 Design Security Principles

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, implementing effective cloud security measures is more crucial than ever. Recognizing the need for formidable cyber protection, our team of seasoned professionals adopts a holistic strategy to safeguard your data against all forms of malicious attacks and threats. By integrating advanced cybersecurity principles into every decision-making and design process, we provide the assurance of comprehensive security, ensuring that your organization stays protected and resilient in the face of digital challenges.

Secologist Professional Security Services - Cloud Security Architecture - Secure Identity & Access Management (IAM)
Secure Identity & Access Management (IAM)

A Crucial Defense Layer: In today's digital business landscape, Secure IAM is vital for shielding organizations from both internal and external cyber threats and data breaches. Our integrated approach includes sophisticated Privileged Access Management (PAM), granting power users precise control over access rights, while providing a centralized overview of all user security permissions. By combining this with our expert Privileged Identity Management (PIM) implementation services, organizations can optimize user authentication and authorization, seamlessly merging the strengths of both IAM and PIM models for enhanced security and control.

Secologist Professional Security Services - Cloud Security Architecture - ISO/IEC 27002
ISO/IEC 27002

This international standard offers specialized cloud-centric implementation guidance, building upon the foundations of ISO/IEC 27002. It addresses unique cloud-specific information security threats and risks, referencing clauses 5-18 of ISO/IEC 27002:2013 for a detailed understanding of controls, implementation tactics, and additional insights. This standard specifically elaborates on 37 controls from ISO/IEC 27002, and introduces seven new, exclusive controls not found in ISO/IEC 27002, providing a comprehensive framework for robust cloud security management.

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