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Modernize the Digital World Legacy Cultures!

We're here to partner with you in not just building and securing your digital treasures, but also in powering up your journey with a wave of innovation. Imagine us as your co-pilots on this thrilling ride into the digital future, where we'll break free from the dusty old ways and boldly leap over taboos with a cheer. Together, we'll spark a digital revolution, buzzing with fresh, fast-paced ideas that'll make way for exciting new traditions and victories.

Cyber Security Services

SECOLOGIST provides advanced security services to help organizations protect their assets, data, and information. Our security services include security (and maturity) assessment, architecture design, implementation, compliance and regulatory requirements, certification readiness, and organization security strategies planning.


Public Cloud Security & Compliance


Security & Maturity Assessment


Cryptography Objects Security & Compliance


Advanced Security Training


CISO Consulting


EIC ISO Compliance


Application Security

DevSecOps & SSDLC


Organization Cyber Security Culture Model


Data Security & Privacy Compliance

Managed Services

We bring best-in-class enterprise-ready open-source Security and IT services to our customers. We follow the Secure By Default principle, providing high protection for your data and systems while ensuring your peace of mind.

Secologist Managed Services - Secure By Design
Secure By Design

Embed robust protection with our top-tier security measures, designed to shield your applications and data from threats, ensuring operational integrity and your peace of mind.

Secologist Managed Services - Multi Layer Security
Multi-Layer Security

We protect our services and your assets with our Multi-Layer Security, WAF, Network Firewalls, XDR & SIEM, and FIPS 140-2 compliant encryption (Transit & Rest) for all of our provided services.

Secologist Managed Services - High Availability
High Availability

Maintain seamless operations with our resilient infrastructure, designed for maximum uptime to keep your business running smoothly, even in the face of potential outages.

Secologist Managed Services - Uptime SLA
Uptime SLA

Our SLA guarantees 99.9% uptime, ensuring your services maintain high availability. Our commitment to provide continuous and reliable service, keeping your operations smooth and efficient.

Secologist Managed Services - Disaster Recovery
Disaster Recovery

Secure your data with our dual-region replication, ensuring swift recovery and resilience against disruptions through strategic geographic redundancy.

Secologist Managed Services - Premium Support
Premium Support

Free general support and assistance during business hours and paid professional support for our service utilization, training, and onboarding, design, and implementation.


Professional Services

Get the success you deserve with our professional services. We offer a range of solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you need consulting, analysis, or implementation, our team of experts is here to help you achieve your goals.


Our consulting services provide you with expert advice and guidance to help you make informed decisions. We analyze your business needs and provide strategic recommendations to optimize your operations and drive growth.


With our analysis services, we dive deep into your data to uncover valuable insights. We use advanced tools and techniques to identify trends, patterns, and opportunities that can give you a competitive edge in the market.


Our implementation services ensure a smooth transition from strategy to execution. We work closely with your team to implement the recommended solutions, providing training and support to ensure successful adoption and long-term success.



SECOLOGIST provides advanced security services to help organizations protect their assets, data, and information. Our security services include security (and maturity) assessment, architecture design, implementation, compliance and regulatory requirements, certification readiness, and organization security strategies planning.



Awards & Honors

We are proud to showcase our team's accomplishments in the cybersecurity field and recognize the awards they have received for their outstanding contributions and achievements.


Open Source

We are dedicated to making the internet safer for all through our open-source contributions to OWASP. Our projects have helped organizations stay informed about the latest threats and strengthen their security. Let SECOLOGIST's expertise and knowledge benefit you.


Public Events

At industry-leading cyber security conferences such as BlackHat, DefCon, Kaspersky, SecurityBsides, and OWASP, we proudly shared our expertise and knowledge of the latest trends and best practices for data security. We remain focused on providing comprehensive and cutting-edge solutions to keep your organization ahead of today's and tomorrow's cyber security threats.



Our publications cover a wide range of topics in cybersecurity. We are committed to staying on the cutting edge of cybersecurity, and our publications reflect our commitment to knowledge and innovation.

Quality & Optimization

Customized Solutions

We provide personalized attention to our clients, understanding their unique needs and tailoring our solutions accordingly. Our team of experts ensures that every client receives the attention and support they deserve.

Industry Standards

We adhere to national standards in our industry, ensuring that our clients receive the highest level of service and quality. Our commitment to excellence sets us apart and gives our clients peace of mind.

On Time Delivery

We understand the importance of delivering our services on time. Our team is dedicated to meeting deadlines and ensuring that our clients receive their solutions when they need them. If we fail to deliver on time, we offer a money-back guarantee.

Quality Assurance

we understand the importance of delivering quality results. That's why we go to great lengths to ensure that all projects meet the highest standards of excellence. We take pride in providing superior quality assurance for each and every project and guarantee that our delivery will exceed your expectations. 

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