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Our Open-Source Projects

Our active engagement in OWASP open-source projects reflects our dedication to global internet security. By contributing valuable resources and tools, we’ve played a pivotal role in helping secure networks and systems. These initiatives are vital in equipping organizations to comprehend and tackle the latest security threats, enhancing their defenses in multiple aspects. Our commitment to open-source empowers the cybersecurity community with our deep expertise and insights, contributing to a safer internet for all. With SECOLOGIST, you're not just choosing a service provider; you're partnering with a leader in shaping a more secure digital world.

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SECOLOGIST OWASP Nettacker Contribution Security Open Source

OWASP Nettacker project is created to automate information gathering, and vulnerability scanning and eventually generate a report for networks, including services, bugs, vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and other information. This software will utilize TCP SYN, ACK, ICMP, and many other protocols in order to detect and bypass Firewall/IDS/IPS devices. 


PHP-RBAC is an authorization library for PHP. It provides developers with NIST Level 2 Hierarchical Role-Based Access Control and more in the fastest implementation.

SECOLOGIST Open-Source Project OWASP Python Honeypot

OWASP Honeypot is an open-source software in Python designed to create honeypots and honeynets easily and securely! This project is compatible with Python 3.x and has been tested on Mac OS X and Linux.

SECOLOGIST Open-Source Project Nmapalyzer

Nmapalyzer aims to help network admins and security-related professionals understand more about the techniques used by NMAP, creating a tool that does a sophisticated recognizance of NMAP scans, easy to install, and simultaneously presents this data visually and comprehensively to System/Network administrators.

SECOLOGIST Open-Source Project OWASP WebGoatPHP

WebGoatPHP is a deliberately insecure application that allows interested developers like you to test vulnerabilities commonly found in PHP-based applications using common and popular open-source components.

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